My First CrossFit Experience

Ever tried CrossFit? Well, I did, and spoiler alert- I survived and now I’m going to tell you what it was like.

I’ll admit, I’ve always thought of CrossFit as only for the hardcore athletic types. I never thought of it as something that you could just go and test out (without keeling over). I’d eagerly agreed to try out this class originally but as the day approached I started to have fleeting feelings of concern over it. Would I ever make it out alive? Would the trainer yell at me and make me cry? I workout most days but CrossFitters workout. But I’d agreed and so I was in it.

On Saturday, I met two family friends at the CrossFit gym they go to daily. The gym was holding a community day for people to come, workout and see if it was something that they might like to sign up for. I was assured that the community workout wouldn’t be as hardcore as I thought it might be. And long story short they were right but let me tell you, it was the hardest workout I’ve had in a very very long time. By the end (if you can’t tell from the picture) we were all super sweaty.

We started the workout by going for a 400-meter jog outside, you know in Nashville’s lovely fall temperature of 87 degrees (with 50% humidity). Once we got back from that the trainer had us do some dynamic stretching to warm up. Think high knees and butt kicks. By then I was extremely out of breath (I was not made for cardio). After this, we were briefed on what we’d be doing, shown how to do each exercise properly so we wouldn’t hurt ourselves and turned loose to work with a partner. The rest of the class went like this:

  • More jogging outside
  • Modified pull-ups with gymnastic rings
  • More jogging
  • Box Jumps
  • More jogging (my least favorite part by far)
  • Deadlifts or kettlebell swings
  • Even more jogging
  • Rings again
  • Abbreviated jogging session because the workout timer was ending

From start to finish we actually worked out about 45 minutes of the hour. And let me say, for those 45 minutes I felt like I was getting the best bang for my buck. The exercises were challenging but not in a way that I felt that I couldn’t do them and the trainer was attentive to making sure everyone was alright. I was really impressed by how kind and supportive the trainer was to everyone there. There was no yelling at anyone to jump higher or run faster, it was an encouraging setting. We finished off with some stretching and we were done! Not bad for an hour out of a Saturday.

Full disclosure: I was exhausted and I ended my day eating a lot of spaghetti because I felt like a noodle. But overall I enjoyed the class, which I really did not expect to. I’d highly recommend trying out a community class or beginner class at your local CrossFit gym if you’re interested in it at all. It never hurts to give something a try!

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