Counting Macros

Are you looking for a lifestyle change rather than a grueling diet (I see you Keto diet)? Look no further because I may have found the lifestyle change for you.

Have you heard of counting macros? Well during the month of September, I committed to counting my macros. For those who don’t know, macros are the three major nutrients that your body needs in large quantities. This trifecta includes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. When you count your macros you are essentially regulating each one of these categories to achieve your goal, which can be anything from toning up to losing weight. Now, this isn’t a diet, actually, you probably eat more than you would in an average day, it’s a lifestyle change. It won’t give you the quick, dramatic results that Keto might but it’s easier on your body and it’s more likely that you’ll keep the weight off after you’re done.

What was it like?

First of all let me say, I am not a believer in restrictive dieting. I don’t think you should deprive yourself and make yourself miserable doing a diet because then it’s not sustainable. Those crash diets might be okay for one week but it’s not something that you can keep up. That being said, I didn’t find counting my macros restrictive in the slightest. In fact, I ate more than I usually would to get my¬†protein goal in. I wasn’t hungry or miserable (but I did miss pizza). I didn’t have a perfect track record, there were days when I slipped up and didn’t even count them. But none of those off days derailed my progress. I set out with the goal of losing a few pounds and I did. And the weight has stayed off a month later. It informed me on the way I ate and helped me visualize portions more easily. I learned what was right for my body and what I needed to be eating.

Counting macros is a little more time consuming than you may be used to. But once you get into the swing of things you make time for it. There are a few things you need to get going:

  • A digital food scale (You can get one of these at Walmart or Amazon)
  • A good set of measuring cups
  • A good attitude and a little determination

So how do I get started?

First of all, you figure out what your macros should be set at, you can do this through a variety of different websites that calculate¬†it depending on your stats. I would suggest taking the average of two just to eliminate any guess-work. Next, download the Under Armour app “My Fitness Pal”. This is where you’ll record everything you eat to ensure you’re hitting your mark. It’s not the most intuitive app but it has a huge database of food which will make your life easier. Finally, stock up at the grocery store with foods that are high in proteins.

Some of my favorite foods while I was counting my macros:

  • Pure Protein Bars
  • Kodiak Cakes (the freezer flapjacks or the waffles)
  • Springer Farms individually packed chicken breasts
  • Think Thin Protein Cakes (these are great if you need a sweet snack)
  • Peanut Powder (all the flavor of peanut butter, way less fat. I like putting this in smoothies)
  • Green Giant Freezer Veggie Spirals- Zucchini

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