Simple Ways to Elevate an Outfit

I don’t know about you all but I often find myself in an outfit rut (I’m looking at you, white T-shirt). But even when you are low on outfit inspiration you can make your go-to’s look like new with a few tricks. Below are my 5 favorite tricks for adding an edge to my everyday look with minimal effort.

1. The Blank Canvas of a White Tee

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite thing to wear is a white T-shirt. But not just any shirt will make the cut because there’s a difference between a run of the mill white T-shirt and the perfect white T-shirt. Once you’ve found a shirt that you love (I always buy multiples of my favorite) then you’re in the money. You can alternate your look by tucking in the front, throwing on a jacket over it, or my favorite which is tying the shirt off to one side.

2. Jewelry is Key

The easiest way to make your everyday look polished is to add some sparkle. I prefer layering simple necklaces and wearing chunky rings. You may prefer a statement necklace and an understated bracelet. Maybe you want to go all out and have rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings all working for you. Whatever your taste is, go for it. Sometimes less is more but sometimes more is just more.

3. Literally, Elevate Yourself with Booties

Now let me say this, booties are not for everyone all the time. I’m someone who loves to wear them all year around regardless of the weather. But booties literally elevate you (thank you, block heel) and can elevate the simplest of outfits. For an everyday look throw on a simple pair with your favorite jeans and top (not necessarily a white T-shirt but that’s my go-to). Also, who doesn’t feel like a little more of a badass with the sound of heels echoing after you?

4. Layer Up

Here’s the thing about layering. It doesn’t always work depending on the weather but when the weather is in your favor you can bet that this is the quickest fix. We’re going into fall which means I’m itching to break out the denim jacket and I’m even more eager for the weather to turn in my leather jacket’s favor. These are just two examples but when it’s warmer than an actual jacket will allow (as it still is in Tennessee) you can layer with a light overshirt. Check out finding yourself a lightweight army jacket to transition from summer through fall.

5. Accessorize How You See Fit

Accessorizing means something different for almost everyone. But what I mean here is choose your favorite purse, belt, hat or whatever your accessory of choice is and rock it. I for one am not the biggest fan of carrying a proper purse. Throughout high school, I refused to carry a purse much to the frustration of my mom who was subjected to putting my things in hers. So instead I use crossbody bags, find what works for you and go with it. Do what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Remember, these are the things that work for me. What works for you may be entirely different. But the best way to elevate your outfit is to own it!

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