Review: CURED Nail Salon

A few weeks ago I went to CURED Nail Salon in East Nashville for the first time. Since it’s a new business I wanted to write up a little review for you Nashvillians that are on the hunt to try a new place. So here’s what the experience was like:


CURED is located in East Nashville at 813 Gallatin Avenue. It faces the road and offers parking to customers in the adjacent tattoo shop’s parking lot. The interior isn’t quite what a normal nail salon looks like as in it’s much prettier. Manicure stations are set up at wooden tables in the center of the room while white couches and sinks make up the pedicure area.


You can book your CURED experience through their website. They offer a more à la carte approach to booking your service than typical nail salons. You fill out the form with each individual aspect of the experience that you want. For example, you mark if you want to have the pre-existing gel soaked off (and if you’re getting them redone obviously you do) instead of expecting it. You can also change or add on different scrubs or oils to customize your service. They also offer eyebrow waxing (which I didn’t try) if your brows are in need of a touch-up. As far as pricing goes I’d say they are comparable to other nail salons in Nashville if not a tiny bit cheaper.

The Results

I opted for a gel manicure (soaking off my previous black nail polish for this snazzier version). CURED offers more nail art customization than your typical nail salon so I wanted to do something a little different. I worked with my manicurist to figure out what color would look best under the gold-flecked top coat. You can see some of their work over on their Instagram if you’re curious about what designs they offer.

As a new business, it is clear that some of the kinks need to be worked out with the staff but other than that the service was pretty seamless. I’d recommend at least trying it once!

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